I couldn’t think better than going along to one of Torke Cycling courses, open minded, scientific and not tied to a ‘system’

Physiotherapist and Sports Practitioner

To this day, the fitting I had with you for my road bike is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my riding 👏🏾

Lady Velo

Your training has been instrumental in me getting my new job! (Bike shop staff moved to new position in custom fitting and building store.)

Bike Shop staff

Torke Cycling methods allow me to explain and test and have an open dialogue with clients. If clients realise something in the settling period after a fit – because of the testing and explaining we’ve done in the fit process – they can come back to me and say, ‘This is happening. I think it’s because of… Can I come in and we’ll check it out?’ That builds a strong relationship where both the fitter and client are confident to work together.

Head Biomechanics Coach

It’s given me confidence, confirmed stuff I was already doing and told me why. Now when some of the Elite guys ask me questions, I have the answers. And that gives them confidence to make my changes.

Pro Team Mechanic

Tony’s academic and professional background, his passion and commitment to delivering excellence along with an obvious thirst for continuous exploration and improvement make him unique within the bicycle fitting community. On top of his professional attributes, his exceptional personal and communication skills place him in perhaps the top half-percent of all trained bike fitters.

A founding father of Bicycle Fitting in the US

First client after going to see @torkecycling and have to say the results are revelatory! #openyoureyes #biggerpicture

Lead Bike Fitter at prominent London bike shop

I was really overwhelmed by the knowledge you have and the way you presented yourself to us

Director of a Nationally Acclaimed Cycling Coaching Company

Upon Training it was clear that Tony is both a world leader in bike fitting and bike fit instructing. The training I received from Tony now helps me to offer one of the finest fitting services in Asia. This has directly improved my level of service and consequently allows me to attract more business and/or increase my fit service charges.

Experienced International Bike Fitter

Anybody involved directly or indirectly with selling bikes, especially higher end, should consider spending time with Tony. What he teaches and how he thinks about bike fitting, will add not only to increasing the customer experience, but bring additional margin dollars into your business. I think it is one of the best ways to set you and your business apart from the competition.

Ex-Professional Soccer player and Masters cyclist