Torke Cycling delivers bike fitting training courses covering 7 different subject areas. This training is brand-neutral and for experienced bike fitters, athletes, bike shops, coaches, physiotherapists and individuals. Torke Cycling Certification is earned post-training through bike fitting practice and feedback. Torke Bike Fitting training is accredited for International Bike Fitting Institute Certification professional credits.




“Now when some of the Elite guys ask me questions, I have the answers. And that gives them confidence to make my changes.” – Pro Team Mechanic


Join international Master Bike Fitter Tony Corke for World Class Professional Bike Fitting training. We aim to develop skill and understanding through building knowledge and practice. Click here to see how it works.


“I didn’t just want to learn how to work a machine. Here you get the knowledge, you’re finding out why.” – Cycling and Triathlon Coach


Torke Cycling has bike fitting training locations in the UK, Benelux and Denmark. Contact us for more information. Torke Cycling is the UK provider of training for BikeFit Systems LLC.

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“I couldn’t think better than going along to one of torkecycling courses, open minded, scientific and not tied to a ‘system'” – Sports Medicine Physiotherapist and Cyclist


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