Upon Training it was clear that Tony is both a world leader in bike fitting and bike fit instructing. The training I received from Tony now helps me to offer one of the finest fitting services in Asia. This has directly improved my level of service and consequently allows me to attract more business and/or increase my fit service charges.

Experienced International Bike Fitter

Anybody involved directly or indirectly with selling bikes, especially higher end, should consider spending time with Tony. What he teaches and how he thinks about bike fitting, will add not only to increasing the customer experience, but bring additional margin dollars into your business. I think it is one of the best ways to set you and your business apart from the competition.

Ex-Professional Soccer player and Masters cyclist

I kind of can’t believe I’ve cycled 2000miles. Have to say thank you to @torkecycling and @KinesisBikes_UK my bike & fit is amazing!! fact I’ve had no pain other than my shoulder from the accident is kind of amazing for this distance. Can’t recommend @torkecycling enough 😄 23 Jun 2016,

Laura Scott

Tony Corke is head and shoulders above anybody I have ever worked with/learnt from in any field, not only in Bike Fitting, but the wider business arena. His patience, wonderful demeanor and capacity to explain to people who learn differently and are at different stages of Fitting is incredible. Tony’s passion and interest in Bike Fitting makes him, in my opinion, the best teacher anyone could ask for.

Olympic level Coaching Company