My passion is finding ways to optimize every aspect of the human/bicycle interaction. The training I offer is a culmination of this.

Tony Corke c. Piers Cunliffe Photography

Recognised by his peers in the Bike Fit Industry as one of the best bicycle fitting educators and bike fitters in the world.

Unsatisfied with the industry standards Tony’s main goal has always been to discover the most effective methods for achieving individual optimisation in a bike fit. Eschewing the spotlight Tony has focused the last fifteen years plus of his bike fitting career researching bike fit, squirreled away, relentlessly testing, every method, idea and technology he can get his hands on. From Wind tunnels to biomechanical mechanisms, inertial sensors to visual movement analysis, Kinesiology to physiological force responses etc. Torke Cycling has endeavoured to leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of understanding the human cycling relation.

However its not the depth of theoretical knowledge that sets Torke Cycling bike fitting apart, rather its the unflinching dedication to practical application. Forever scrutinising ideas under the spotlight of the following questions “what is the practical worth?” or “how does this effect day to day practice of bike fitting?” This uncompromising lense has led Tony to discard many popular bike fitting practices and forced him to search for the often, more complicated, truth.

As such Torke Cycling education and bike fitting is an antidote to the myriad of over simplified technological systems and Physio screening teaching approaches. Torke Cycling bike fitting education is for those looking to understand how bike fitting really works. The Torke Cycling approach Its for those with patience and diligence who want to be the best bike fitter they can be. They will learn a rigorous, scientific, individual testing approach that emphasises the importance of understanding the physical forces at play in in cycling and the human physiological responses that present via changes in movement patterns and human perception.

Torke Cycling education is now a cult classic. Having been constantly refined over the last fifteen years and taught to over 500+ students world wide. Seen as the best kept secret in bike fitting education by many of the worlds best bike fitters.

Tony now teaches and fits out of his Torke Cycling Research Lab in Paulton, Somerset, UK as well as visiting bike fitters to deliver fitting master classes in their locations.

Specialising in:

  • Initial education for complete beginners
  • Developing elite level visual observation and biofeedback skills
  • Understanding phasic, postural, inertial and situational physiological force responses and effective simulations in the studio
  • Foot/Shoe/Pedal optimisation – Shoe, Footbed, wedge, leg shim, Asymmetry modifications
  • Off Road fitting – MTB, Gravel, Cross
  • TT, Tri, Track fitting
  • Aerodynamic testing – pre screening for wind tunnel testing
  • Fitting for bicycle sizing.
  • Custom bicycle design. Geometric design for achieving desired handling characteristics
  • Custom Shoe, saddle and orthotic fabrication

Non commercial demo centre for the following Bike fitting technologies/products : STT 3DMA, Gebiomized Saddle, Sidas Footbeds, Velologic, Leomo, Velocomp Aeropod,

Tony Corke

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