My passion is finding ways to optimize every aspect of the human/bicycle interaction. The training I offer is a culmination of this.

Tony is humbled to be able work internationally for, and with, many of the best people, products and organizations in the cycling industry. His expertise in bicycle design and background in retail and sales adds a unique, practical dimension to the advice and support he offers course participants. Torke Cycling Bike Fitting training adds a new level of understanding to the bike fitter’s work, delivers incredible customer satisfaction and facilitates client-fitter exchange for improved working relationships. Torke Cycling training is brand-neutral and suitable for developing bike fitters working with all systems.


“Tony Corke is head and shoulders above anybody I have ever worked with/learnt from in any field, not only in Bike Fitting, but the wider business arena. His patience, wonderful demeanour and capacity to explain to people who learn differently and are at different stages of Fitting is incredible. Tony’s passion and interest in Bike Fitting makes him, in my opinion, the best teacher anyone could ask for.” – Elite level sports coach with a successful, proficient, bike fitting and coaching business, who is an Ex-World cyclist and current National Level Head Coach – took three days of training with Tony for them and their staff at their European location.


Tony Corke has 20 years’ plus cycling industry experience ranging from Saturday boy in the local bike shop to Bike Fitter before it was cool, then Director of a successful and profitable bike fitting studio within an award winning bike shop. He has worked for independent stores, chain stores and fitting studios in the UK and the USA. He has developed sales strategies for bike shops using bike fitting as their lead. Tony has presented on bike fitting to top dealers at the Giant Dealers’ Conference in the USA and to frame builders Bespoked UKHBS. He has been International BikeFit Pro Instructor with Paul Swift and assisted at Slowtwitch and ICS courses. Tony was SICI certified with Paraic McGlynn and has visited with Steve Hogg. He is an expert in custom bicycle design and building and the constituent parts thereof.

Tony’s proven fitting methods come from long hours of training, practice, research, experience and testing with a view to getting the best possible result for both client and fitter. Along with Torke Cycling Bike Fitting Training Tony is is currently Fitting and Design Expert at The Bicycle Academy. Tony is Partner and Head of Cycling Dynamics for Spoon Customs. He is Level 4 IBFI Credited “One of the best in the world”. Read his take on Aerodynamics in the cycling world here.

Bike fitters, physiotherapists, coaches and athletes across the world have been using Torke Cycling methods for 5 years now. The client retention and satisfaction they report is second to none. If you are ready to take your bike fitting to the next level call or email to arrange a place on one of Torke Cycling’s training courses. Be part of the #nextlevelbikefit revolution.