A one-day course aimed at bike fitters and sales staff. How to select and advise on the crucial saddle purchase for individual clients.

Course Outline

  • In-depth knowledge on the relation between saddle and position
  • Experience needed
  • Participant from all over the world
  • Small groups (max 10 people – Flanders, 4 people – Bath)
  • Theoretical and practical (50/50)


  • Different saddle shapes and their use
  • Effect of saddle shape on position
  • Standard process to match saddle and position

Course Length 1 Day, can be combined with other 1 day courses

IBFI Credits 40

Course Cost £325 (10% discount for IBFI members in UK) / DK please contact


Flanders Bikevalley  (+/- 50 minutes from Eindhoven Airport / +/- 120 minutes from Amsterdam Airport) / +/- 60 minutes from Brussels airport

Bath, UK (Nearest airport Bristol, nearest train station Bath Spa, direct link to Heathrow)

Nordic BikeFit, Copenhagen DK (Nearest airport Copenhagen)


Although the education is 100% independent of any tool or parts manufacturer in the education some techniques and products will be shown and demoed at Flanders Bike Valley

  • Products – Tools used
    • Gebiomized pressure mapping (foot + saddle)
    • Currex insoles
    • G8 insoles
    • Bikefit wedges, pedals spacers, etc
    • Cobb saddles
    • Forza components
    • Bikesettings tools