For Experienced Bike Fitters (Minumum 25 bike fits) It is a hands on course designed to substantially increase knowledge, critical thought process, skills and methods in the practical application of bike fitting for individual cyclists. This course focuses entirely on developing the pre-eminently valuable but hard earned human skills needed in bike fitting. It is my antidote to all the systematised and technological data acquisition based approaches that, by nature, try (and fail) to short cut the need for a well trained, conscientious, and present bike fitter. Once you know how to bike fit then you will be able to make the technologies work for you. #noshortcuts.

I have delivered this education to over one hundred students, with many coming from a background involving some system and/or technology. Almost all report that it significantly improved the way they fit, with many declaring it a complete game changer. Many realised that they had been searching for answers in the technology that it could never deliver.

So if your already fitting using any system, or just want to learn how to use yourself to bike fit, then I would love to have you on join this course and would be very happy to share with you what I think is a very satisfying and effective way of bike fitting.

Please note that this two day course covers gross positioning for Road Cycling (Not TT/Offroad) or internal shoe modifications (LL shims/wedges etc). All my further courses lead on from here. So if your want to do my TT/TRI/Foot Correction/Off Road/Wind Tunnel Aero courses I would very strongly recommend that you do Body Positioning first. All the other courses build on the concepts and skills learned here. This would be the next course to attend if you have already done Start Bike Fitting.

Course Outline

The Torke Cycling Body Positioning course is aimed at those already familiar with traditional industry-standard methods who are looking for a more robust and consistently accurate approach to understanding individual bicycle fitting optimisation.

Topics Covered

  • The Basic premise of cycling – Physical forces and physiological responses in detail
  • Pre-Screening – Useful flexibility tests
  • Foot placement over the pedal axle – Plyometric or postural preferencing – Force direction. Balancing the foot over the axle for given seated positions. Plantar/dorsi flexed feet and axle placement.
  • Introducing the theory and practice of axle positioning from 1st Met head to Mid foot. Endurance cycling.
  • Crank length – torque, force and power. Hip flexion.
  • Leg Extension – The effects of under and over extension and key indicators for selecting individually appropriate saddle height
  • Pelvic Rotation and Spinal Flexion
  • Shoulder and arm extension
  • Balancing Gravitational and Aerodynamic, postural and performance implications of position

Practical learning

  • Practical learning of functional testing methods for assessing appropriate saddle position and the assessment of a body in motion.
  • Introducing saddle shape selection, ideal performance and common issues. Pelvic anatomy and cycling idiosyncrasies.
  • Practical learning of setback testing for road/Cross/TT/tri with each student
  • Handle bar reach and drop selection – functional implications
  • Practical learning session based on finding an individual’s functional limitations and how to choose an X/Y bar position for road

Course Outcome Torke Cycling Body Positioning course is designed to substantially increase knowledge, critical thought process, skills and methods in the practical application of bike fitting for individual cyclists. This course affords the time to get individuals to a point where they can confidently apply the world’s leading bicycle fitting techniques for positioning the contact points of a bicycle.

“First client after going to see @torkecycling and have to say the results are revelatory! #openyoureyes #biggerpicture” James Thomas @bikefitjames

Course length 2 days


Paulton, Somerset, UK (Nearest airport Bristol, nearest train station Bath Spa, direct link to Heathrow)