Designed for practising Bike Fitters to substantially increase knowledge, critical thought process, skills and methods in the practical application of bike fitting for individual cyclists.

Course Outline

The Torke Cycling Body Positioning course is aimed at those already familiar with traditional industry-standard methods who are looking for a more robust and consistently accurate approach to understanding individual bicycle fitting optimisation.

Topics Covered

  • Micro adjusters/Macro adopters – University of Utah theory of bike fit Vs. the reality of middle age
  • Pre-Screening – Useful flexibility tests
  • Foot placement over the pedal axle – Plyometric or postural preferencing – Force direction. Balancing the foot over the axle for given seated positions. Plantar/dorsi flexed feet and axle placement.
  • Introducing the theory and practice of axle positioning from 1st Met head to Mid foot. Endurance cycling.
  • Crank length – torque, force and power. Hip flexion.
  • Leg Extension – The effects of under and over extension and key indicators for selecting individually appropriate saddle height
  • Balancing Gravitational and Aerodynamic, postural and performance implications of position

Practical learning

  • Practical learning of functional testing methods for assessing appropriate saddle position and the assessment of a body in motion.
  • Introducing saddle shape selection, ideal performance and common issues. Pelvic anatomy and cycling idiosyncrasies.
  • Practical learning of setback testing for road/Cross/TT/tri with each student
  • Handle bar reach and drop selection – functional implications
  • Practical learning session based on finding an individual’s functional limitations and how to choose an X/Y bar position for road and Triathlon/Tri

Course Outcome Torke Cycling Body Positioning course is designed to substantially increase knowledge, critical thought process, skills and methods in the practical application of bike fitting for individual cyclists. This course affords the time to get individuals to a point where they can confidently apply the world’s leading bicycle fitting techniques for positioning the contact points of a bicycle.


Although the education is 100% independent of any tool or parts manufacturer in the education some techniques and products will be shown and demoed at Flanders Bike Valley training

  • Products – Tools used
    • Gebiomized pressure mapping (foot + saddle)
    • Currex insoles
    • G8 insoles
    • Bikefit wedges, pedals spacers, etc
    • Cobb saddles
    • Forza components
    • Bikesettings tools


“First client after going to see @torkecycling and have to say the results are revelatory! #openyoureyes #biggerpicture” James Thomas


Course length 2 days (+ One optional extra practical day on some UK courses)

IBFI Credits 80 (120)

Languages Body Positioning is available in English and French. Please see the course dates page.

Cost Belgium: 700Euro / UK: £600 (10% discount for IBFI members on UK courses) / DK please contact


Flanders Bikevalley  (+/- 50 minutes from Eindhoven Airport / +/- 120 minutes from Amsterdam Airport) / +/- 60 minutes from Brussels airport 

University of Bath, Bath, UK (Nearest airport Bristol, nearest train station Bath Spa, direct link to Heathrow)

Nordic BikeFit, Copenhagen DK (Nearest airport Copenhagen)