Torke Cycling Body Positioning

Body Positioning is at the core of our bike fitting. Its our world proven, proprietary approach to finding what is right for you.

We use a scientific comparative testing procedure that combines the power of our highly skilled visual observation combined with with your carefully guided biofeedback. There is no other system or method of bike fitting that gets more accurate and consistently excellent results.

So expect to be guided through your physical sensation of cycling and gain a whole new understanding of what is right for you.

We back our world class skills up with some of the coolest technology available.

We also guarantee to work with you until you are satisfied.

Torke Foot Activation

Optimising your shoes is a crucial part of optimising your ability to push hard on the pedals, reach your full potential and endure training without injury.

We use another proprietary method that has been tested internationally and proven to consitently find your uniquie neural and biomechanical pedalling perfection.

We start with a customised footbed and fine tune it with single degrees of cant and millimetres of shim. Never too much, never too little just the right touch that holds you steady mile after mile.

Aerodynamic Services

GoiTorke Cycling Bioracer Motionng fast on bicycle is about being able to push your hardest on the pedals with the least aerodynamic drag. This is why we always start with a Body Positoining session, where we accurately define your positional windows for creating high sustainable power. Once these positional parameters of power production are defined, we can work on refining your position for optimal airflow.

We offer services both in and out of the Wind Tunnel.

  • Body Positioning with Aerodynamic Screening
  • Aerodynamic Screening for customers who have already had a Body Positioning session on that style of bicycle
  • Wind Tunnel Testing
  • Custom Aerodynamic Tailored Skinsuits


Follow-up Fit – You had a Torke Cycling bike fitting but something changed (body/bike/shoes/pedals/saddle) and you want some help dialling the position with the new element

At Torke Cycling it is our explicit goal is to make you feel awesome on your bicycle. To ensure this, all Torke Cycling bicycle fitting services come with a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. We will work with you until you are totally satisfied.

Case Study

Elite GB duathlete and Gold medal world age group TriMeet Tracey and her Ted James custom titanium touring bicycle.

Tracey has done her share of cycling in the past, as an Elite GB Duathlete and Gold medal world Age Group Triathlete.
So I was privileged to help her get dialled in for this new custom titanium @tedjamesdesign touring MTB. Tracey is currently doing a mixed terrain bike packing world tour (in stages)
Tracey came to me at Ted’s recommendation (thanks Ted) because in her own words:

“I sometimes get some nasty muscle moaning in my right hip after I ride”

We went through my Torke Cycling Body Positioning session for mountain bikes where we functionally screened Tracey to find her optimal cycling position for MTB cycle touring. We discovered that her previous position had been pushing her right hip past its range of motion through a combination of excessive saddle setback and the bars being too low.

Having adjusted her existing bike as far as we could, it was definitely better but still not optimal. However Tracey reported good improvements to her cycling:

“It feels significantly more powerful…”

When Ted had finished her new bike and it was dialled in Tracey got to finally feel what an optimal position feels like. Here is her feedback:

Ted James Touring 29erThe bike is a dream to ride. I love cycling anyway but, last Wednesday, it had me smiling and happy for a different/odd (but I hope you find understandable) reason.

After having been on a longer than I planned ride (3 hours instead of 90mins-oops! having way too much fun) the day before, I walked a mile home after dropping my car in for MOT and not only was my knee not hurting, my hips were perfectly mobile and pain free!

It’s hard to express what that means Tony.
Can’t thank you enough.
Big respect.

Tracey x

This is why we are passionate about high quality bicycle fitting and well designed custom bicycles. Really it is worth all the difficulty, effort and years of practice.

Thank you Ted – keep doing great work.
Thank you Tracey – enjoy your tour!


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