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To this day, the fitting I had with you for my road bike is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my riding 👏🏾

Torke Bike Fitting Services

Looking for more? Starting out? Want to get comfortable? Fit before you buy? –  Body Positioning – £175

Discover where your bicycle contact points should be for optimum performance. Why? Delivers the greatest combination of comfort, stability, power, endurance available for you on your bicycle. This information may be used to inform your purchasing decision for a stock frame, adjust your existing frame or as a basis for a custom frame. A range of saddles including Selle SMP and Cobb are available to test during fitting. // Suitable for Road, Touring, Time Trial, Triathlon, MTB, Cross, Track etc.

Dialling it in? – Foot Correction – £175 (including footbeds)

Human feet were never designed to push pedals on upright bicycles. The Foot Correction service will help you deliver optimal power, efficiency and endurance in comfort. *This service includes custom footbeds // Suitable for all cyclists including Down hill MTB, BMX.

Looking for that extra % ? – Aerodynamic Preferencing – £175

Any truly fast position must only sacrifice watts when the gains of CFD more than offset the power loss.  There is a large amount of highly beneficial work on aerodynamics that can be done outside the wind tunnel. *Requires a power meter on your bike. This fit utilises the BioRacer Aero aerodynamic screening. #bioracermotion #bioraceraero #bioracerspeedwear // Suitable for Road, TT, Triathlon, Crit, Track

Want the full package? – Torke Tailored Bicycle – from £2000 and up

Discover how good a ride can be. Working with some of the country’s best bike builders, Torke Cycling will design and tailor a bicycle fitted perfectly to you, your riding style and your design aesthetic. Visit our Custom Bike pages for more information.

Can’t get to Bath or London? – Online Bikefit Consultation – £95/hr

Book an online bikefit consultation with Tony Corke. You must have your bicycle set up in a trainer, video setup showing rider and bicycle in frame. HD web cam is preferable. For more information and to book click here.

How do you know he’s any good? –  Tony Corke is IBFI Level 4 certified, “One of the best in the world”. Visit our Testimonials page to read more. If you’re into the nitty gritty, see how our training works for bike fitters around the globe. You can visit our Custom Bike pages to see some examples.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and book.

Bike fits are available with Tony Corke in Bath at our Combe Down location by appointment.

London fits are bookable at Cloud9 Cycles. Next London dates – March 15th & 16th (16th FULLY BOOKED), April 13th & 14th.

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