Torke Cycling training makes a significant impact to client satisfaction and retention

What do Torke fitters say?

We asked bike fitters in different fields, A busy London-based fitter, a Biomechanist, a Coach, a Bike Shop owner and a Pro Mechanic, ‘How do Torke Cycling methods work for you, in your practice?’ Here’s a little of what they said..

Knowledge, Credibility, Confidence, Finding Out, Relationships, Respect

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What does the wider public say?

In a 2017 survey, 100% of clients said they would use their Torke Cycling trained bike fitter again. Compared with 77% who would use a fitter without Torke training again and we think you’ll agree, that’s a compelling reason for any bike fitter to add Torke Cycling training to their skill set…

[In the 2017 UK-wide survey with a total of 177 responses, the addition of Torke Cycling methods to a bike fitter’s training was shown to increase the Net Promotor Score by 9 points.]

What if I’ve already done some training?

Torke Cycling methods are compatible with and complementary to all other industry-standard fitting methods. Those mentioned in conjunction with the Torke Cycling methods in the 2017 survey were Trek, Retul, Shimano, Guru, Specialized, Serotta and Slowtwitch.


Are you a Physiotherapist or other sports medicine practitioner?

Since attending Torke Cycling Body Positioning I have been able to offer a far more comprehensive approach and management solution to my cycling patients and will certainly back to spend more time with Tony in the future.


As a sports physiotherapist working closely with cyclists, I had found myself becoming involved in bike fitting from a professional advisory perspective. However this was only the start of my journey as I then decided to spend more time getting involved in the actual bike fitting process myself.


Having worked and liaised with many bike fitters tied to different ‘systems’, I was personally looking for an approach that was unshackled from a single brand or process and instead offered a more scientific problem-solving approach.


Step in, Tony Corke and Torke Cycling. I can say as an evidence-based, fact driven, problem solving clinician myself, the Torke Cycling approach is the way to develop a sound base in the murky, but fascinating, world of bike fitting and what it can do for your patients / clients.” – Specialist MSK Physiotherapist working in a top London sports medicine clinic with cyclists of all level

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