Flanders Bike Valley Wind Tunnel Biomechanics and Aerodynamics Training

Bike Fitting training

This is a unique opportunity for confident bike fitters and coaches to explore their bike fitting in The Flanders’ Bike Valley wind tunnel – unique, independent, low speed wind tunnel designed specifically for cyclists and the cycling industry, where aerodynamic drag and turbulence can be measured for manufacturers, product developers, and athletes.

Torke Cycling is delighted to join forces with Innovative Cycling to offer this unique course, the most advanced training in TT/Aero fitting available. Gain knowledge and practical skills to achieve a fast position for each individual cyclist you consult with.

March 28-29 // Aero Consultant Course in the Wind Tunnel 

On the Aero Consultant course you will learn how to work in a wind tunnel and what can be expected when you take your clients to a wind tunnel. Participants can book the wind tunnel for their own clients after the course. The Torke Cycling Body Positioning course will show you Next Level bike fitting positioning and its real effects.

How will it benefit my business?

Customers now have access to affordable aerodynamic testing tools and facilities (eg. Alpha mantis, Boardman wind tunnel, on bike tools, bioracer aero). As bike fitters, our job is to help customers understand what positions they should test and what is the most sustainably powerful position before spending time and money in the wind tunnel.

Once the optimal position is reached then components can be optimised and sold. Bars, helmets, skinsuits, extensions, frame, wheels.

Historically testing in a tunnel without defining the riders functional maximal sustainable force and posture limitations leads to expensive wasted tunnel testing time. It’s no use testing a position that the rider cannot sustain high force in.

“revolutionary way of consistently determining individual cyclists’ optimal functional range”

Torke Cycling Aerodynamic Preferencing Protocol is a revolutionary way of consistently determining individual cyclists’ optimal functional range which allows a rider to absolutely maximise any aerodynamic testing time.

It is a requirement for fitters to have already completed Torke Cycling Body Positioning before going on to Aerodynamic Preferencing.

What’s it like? Click here for a review from Beukers Bike Centre of our 2017 training.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Shape of extensions
  • Height of the base bar
  • Height of the extensions
  • Frame size – more spacers or more frame? What is more aerodynamic?
  • Shorter cranks – does this really bring an advantage?
  • And more….

There is also an opportunity to enjoy some closed-course riding in the evening and visit the Bioracer and Ridley factories on September 15.

The course will be taught in English with biomechanical aspects delivered by Tony Corke and aerodynamic aspects by a specialist wind tunnel engineer from Bike Valley Flanders.

Cost is 1200Euro for 2 days – this includes a minimum of 4 hours in the wind tunnel.

Bike Valley Flanders is around 1 hour from Eindhoven airport and 1 hour from Brussels Airport and railway station for delegates travelling from London.

For those travelling a great distance or new to Torke training, combine your Aero Consultant course with  –

March 26-27 // Torke Cycling Body Positioning

For more information and to book please contact us.


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