Bryan McCullough, MSK Specialist Physiotherapist of “The Bike The Body“, and Tony Corke, Master Bike Fitter of “Torke Cycling” join forces to offer a challenging and informative training course for industry professionals.

Topics covered will include…

– Epidemiology of Cycling Injuries
– The most common injuries in cycling
– Assessment of the injured cyclist
– Rehabilitation principles for cycling injuries
– Core principles of cycling – Force management, muscle activity, joint alignments.
– Stress in a cycling position – Bike adjustments and physiological effects
– Method introduction; Screening a position for stress using functional testing, quality of movement and client evaluation
– Clinical Assessment / Screening of the cyclist
– Rehabilitation workshop
– On the bike functional screening – demonstrations of how forces can be moved through the body to load/offload different structures
Learning outcomes
– Understand the common injuries in cycling and best practice treatments
– Understand how Bike fitting and Physiotherapy are used together to rehabilitate injured cyclists
– Find the best bike position to minimise stress to the injured area to maximise successful recovery

Bryan McCullough


BSc (Hons) Physio, MSc (Sports Medicine)

IBFI Level 2 Certified Bike Fitter 

Bryan has recently been awarded the IBFI 2020 Travel and CPD Grant. “I have been working in musculoskeletal medicine for over 13 years. I have been a passionate cyclist since I can remember so combining these two loves was a no brainer. I have worked with cyclists from commuters to elite athletes and always found the need to help these riders beyond seeing them in clinic.”

Course length 2 days

Location Bath, UK

Languages English

Cost £380