Torke Cycling is pleased to be managing and delivering BikeFit Pro Education in the UK.

Next UK Courses:

Nov 9-10 2020


Learn the complete, biomechanically sound BikeFit LLC system to treat individual comfort and efficiency issues with any of your customers, no matter their experience level. Learn why the foot-to-pedal interface is the foundation for a great bike fit, and the area where most overuse injuries can occur. Learn repeatable, simple & proven techniques that can make the most impact for your customers. BikeFit Pro education is suitable for those new to bike fitting and those looking to add to their existing skills.

Training takes place in groups of 7 max including Tony.

After 12 years as a BikeFit Pro Instructor and more than 15 years using BikeFit Systems products and methods, Tony Corke is well placed to deliver this important and widely recognised industry training. All BikeFit courses are IBFI accredited – Level 1 (40 credits).


“BikeFit training has allowed me to confidently add bike fitting to my mechanic and retail offering. It has increased sales and customer satisfaction all-round.” Cycle-Tech business owner


Next UK Courses

Nov 9-10 // Places available – 6

at the University of Bath

Course Cost – £650 inc. course manual and online training access.

Email for more information.

Languages BikeFit Pro Level 1 is available in English, Dutch and German. Please see the course dates page for more information.


“I didn’t realise how in depth bike fitting is, and we’ve only scratched the surface.” Tom, Level 1 participant 2018
BikeFit Pro


Who are BikeFit Pros?

BikeFit Pros are professional bicycle fitters who begin by completing Level One (Green) BikeFit Education, purchasing a BikeFit Bicycle Fitting System, and making an on-going commitment to helping cyclists in the best way possible.  Purchasing BikeFit products, such as Cleat Wedges, for use in bike fits goes with the territory.  We’re not going to tell you how to conduct your business.  But we do expect you’ll provide the same in-depth analysis and adjustment during a fitting that we provide during our trainings.

BikeFit Pro Class Topics Colour
 1 Introductory bike fitting (foot/pedal, bottom/saddle, hands/handlebars, etc.) Level One is dedicated to the hands-on skills necessary for road bike fitting. Expect to get greasy. This class includes functional diagnosis of cycling pathologies and overuse syndromes associated with cycling. The foot-pedal interface is a key component to this class and focuses on adjusting the cleat in fore-aft, medial-lateral, rotation, canting and elevation as appropriate for the specific cyclist. This class focuses on road fit but includes aspects of mountain and tri as appropriate. Green