Bike FItting is easy to get into and like most things hard to master.

Our courses are focussed on the practice of bike fitting, and developing your understanding of physics and physiology as it directly applies to bike fitting. We believe that the best tool for assessing a cyclist is  a well trained human. We aim to teach you the forces involved in cycling and how the human body copes with them. We will teach you how to identify the movement ques for optimal function in each individual, how to use biofeedback and a scientific method for isolating and testing each physiological work load. We will also show you how some technologies can be used to offer supportive data that can significantly improve customer faith.

Below is an outline of the Torke courses. The list follows many bike fitters journey through our education

1: Start Bike Fitting – If you have done no bike fitting before and/or you want to start from the beginning. This two day course course gives you enough of a base to start helping cyclists

2: Body Positioning – For those who are already fitting. Who have already done Start Bike FItting or other courses (SBCU, Retul, Trek, Shimano, Gebiomized etc) and are seeking to further improve their ability to get the gross position consistently good. (cleat,saddle,bars relationships). This course is the foundation stone of good bike fitting and is needed for all further Torke courses.

3: Frame Sizing – how to choose a bike size for a customer. The best way.

4: Off road – How Body Positioning principles relate to Cross/Gravel/Mtb

5: Aero Preferencing – How Body Positioning principles relate to TT/Tri/Aerobar and high speed cycling

6: Aerodynamic Testing – Building a schedule for wind tunnel/Aero testing

7: Foot Activation – For dealing with asymmetry, setting up the inside of the shoe. The most effective use of footbeds, wedges, Leg length shims

8: Video Analysis and 3D motion – how to use these tools effectively.

9: Vehicle Dynamics/ Custom Bicycle Design/Bikecad

Torke Bike Fitting training is accredited for International Bike Fitting Institute Certification professional credits.