Book an online bikefit consultation with Tony Corke from anywhere in the world.

Want to check your position is optimal? Looking for post-race position feedback? Are you looking for help with bike set up? Do you have an issue you can’t work out? Bought a new bike and want to confirm settings? Are you mid-trip or enduro race and having issues?

Online bikefit consultations can be booked from anywhere in the world and delivered in the comfort of your own home or hotel. They are suitable for riders who are confident adjusting their own bike and have the correct tools to hand.

You must have your bicycle set up in a trainer, video setup showing rider and bicycle in frame (HD web cam is preferable), access to Skype.

Online bikefit consultations are charged at £80/hr.

If your booking requires assistance within 24hrs please tick the ‘urgent’ box on the contact form.