We are delighted to be in a position to offer some of the worlds best bike fitting in our fully equipped studio in Bristol.

We welcome all cyclists from all levels and disciplines. From Brompton riders to Pro Tour professionals

We are independent and unbiased and are very happy to work with your existing equipment and/or help choose the best new bike and equipment. 

  • We are a specialist in fitting Road, Crit/Racing, Edurance/Sportive, Comuting, Ebikes, Touring, Bike packing, Ultra/Self supported, Gravel, Cyclocross, XC/trail, Enduro/DH. Track (all disciplines), Time Trial, Triathlon (all distances)
  • We specialise in unlocking your full pedalling power – we call this Foot Activation, where we release you full neural connection by making you our full custom cycling orthotics.
  • We offer world class fitting and Aero Optimisation for elite athletes. Using our proprietary methods and technology as well as now now Partnering with Silverstone Wind Tunnel to offer full season, evidence based Elite Athlete bike fit development. Our methods are well proven and being used by Pro Tour Aerodynamic Engineers.
  • We offer stock components as well as full customisation – Full custom bicycles, shoes, saddles and handlebars in both Carbon and Titanium. 
  • We support online buying – we don’t keep much product ourselves – we prefer to help you discover the best products for you so that you can purchase them from your prefered supplier.

We use some of the most exciting technologies in bike fitting – Automated Jigs, 3D Motion Capture, Inertial sensors, Pressure mats.

Bike Fitting Services

Comprehensive fitting: for any style of cycling is 4.5-6 hrs £375

For high mileage riders or those with specific issues or those wanting to achieve the very best feeling on the bike. 

We optimise your:

Body Positioning Foundation: Getting everything in the right proximity to each other so the bike feels really good: Cleat, Saddle, Bar position, 

Foot activation: Next level improvements your neural and ergonomic connection to the bike, so your pedalling feels the so wonderfully powerful and co-ordinated. A must for those seeking the best power, efficiency and injury prevention.

We make you a pair of our industry leading proprietary foot orthotics.

We use our world proven method along side the industries coolest tech.

This fitting also comes with a free of charge follow up session – we are very keen to work with you until we both know the fit is as good as it can be for you.

Body Position Foundation Fitting- for any style of cycling ~3 hrs £225

Some cyclists just want help with the general position on the bike so we offer a Body Position bike fit. This is the same good stuff found in the comprehensive fit but without the custom made orthotics, neural/ergonomic activation work and less of the cool technology.

We optimise the proximity of your contact points. Cleats, Saddle position and saddle shape, Crank length, Bar position and bar shape/configuration.

(Once you have had a Body Position Foundation fit you can upgrade to the full comprehensive fit, by coming back for the Foot Activation element ~2.5hrs £180)

Looking for a new bike?

Alongside the above fit options you can add the following:

Bike Sizing Consultation ~40mins £40

Custom Bike CAD drawing ~1hr £120

e.g. If your looking to buy a bike online you might choose a Body Position Fitting (£225) and a Bike Sizing consultation (£40) total £265

or alternatively if you want the best fitting and are looking for a new bike to buy online you might choose a Comprehensive fitting (£375) and a Bike Sizing consultation (£40) total £415

To discuss your requirements and make a booking please contract me using the following:

Telephone: 07445492170

Email: tony@torkecycling.com